Wonderful World of Briards
April 29, 2017:  Katniss (Am. & UKC Ch. Nuview's Let the Games Begin) finished her UKC Championship with a BEST IN SHOW!

November 25, 2016:  Max (Ch. Nuview's Little Road Warrior) is now a Canadian Champion.  Max lives in Alberta, Canada with his owner, Suzette. 

June 11, 2016:  With a win over two specials and a Group 3, Tristan finishes his Canadian Championship to add to an American one.

June  10, 2016: Tristan takes a Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show in Canada under Judge Robert Whitney!

Jan. 9, 10, 2016:  Katniss is now "Ch. Nuview's Let the Games Begin".  She finished her Amercian Championship with back to back 5 point majors, making it four majors to finish.  She is Gemma's second Champion. 

Dec. 26, 2015:  We said goodbye to Xena today.  After six and a half years of life, she succumbed to her congenital kidney displasia.  We are beyond sad - she was a special little girl and our home feels empty without her.

Nov. 21, 22: Back to back 5 point majors for Nuview's Legends of the Fall (Tristin) to finish up his American Championship at 8 months of age!   We are so proud of this handsome little guy - Gemma's first championship get. 

Oct, 24, 25, 2015:  Back to back majors for Nuview's Let the Games Begin (Katniss).  _

At the 2015 National in Gettysburg, PA (October), Nuview Briards had a great run.  An Award of Merit for Gemma, and a "first in class" for Beowulf (veteran), Maddie (veteran), Katniss (Bred by Exhibitor) and Tristin (6-9 Puppies).   Tristan also took a BOS in Sweepstakes. 

July 4 & 5, 2015: Hennessy takes back to back majors to finish his American Championship.  He is:  MBPIS Am/Can. Ch. Nuview's Imperiale French Connection, V.S.   Cognac anyone?

Dec. 5 & 6:  Hennessy finishes his Canadian Championship with a Group 3 and a Group 4 under Judges Janet and Joe Lobb. 

Nov. 9, 2014:  Hennessy takes another BPIS under Judge Lee Anne Bateman and a Group 2 among the adults.  One point away from a Canadian Championship now.

Nov. 7, 2014:  Hennessy takes another BPIS under Judge William Byrne and a Group 2 among the adults!

Sept, 2014:  Gemma is Canada's FIRST Briard Grand Champion!

Sept. 19, 2014:  Hennessy takes a BPIS (Best Puppy in show) under Judge Virginia Lyne

Aug. 12: Ch. Nuview's Good Golly Miss Molly earns an AKC title - that of "Herding Instinct Certified" or HIC.   Barb and Molly - what a team!

Aug. 9 &10:  Gemma takes a Reserve Best in Show on each day - one under Judge Lee Ann Bateman and the other  under Judge Wendy Paquette.  These two judges are lovely ladies in their own regard and clearly love the sport of purebred dogs.  

July 19: Gemma takes another Best in Show under Judge Avery Gaudin in La Baie, Canada.

June 28, 2014:  Hennessy wins Best Baby Puppy at the Canadian National Specialty.   His mother, Molly, gets Best of Winners the next day for 3 points towards a Canadian Championship (she is already an American Champion).

June 27, 2014:  Gemma is awarded her second "Best in Show" under Judge Rick Fehler.  She is now #1 Briard, #4 Herding Dog and #36 Dog overall in Canada.

June 2014:  Gemma is awarded a "Best in Show", her first, in Canada under Judge Joe Lobb.

April 2014: Molly earns a UKC Championship in a single weekend and finishes with a Reserve Best in Show.

March 2014:  Gemma is awarded her American Grand Championship.

June 2013:  Beowulf wins the Briard Club of North America's National Speciality.

2013:  Gemma is Canada's #1 Briard

2012:  Eddie is Canada's #1 Briard