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Welcome to Nuview Briards (and a Barbet).  This is the home of Nuview Briards located in beautiful Western Massachusetts.  Nuview is the kennel  of Michele and Mary who have teamed together to show our true loves - the Briard and now, the Barbet.  We have added a new addition to the hairy dog team - a lovely Barbet we named "Atticus Finch" bred by Lynn Vogt-Kinsey and Leslie Vogt-Woodward of Anam Chara Barbet, Michele and Mary.  More on "Atticus Finch" on his page.  But to start where it all started........

The Briard is a very old breed of French working dog. In early times, Briards were used to defend their charges against wolves and poachers.  Eventually, as land was divided and population increased following the French Revolution, the breed gradually transformed their work into the more peaceful task of herding the flocks, keeping the sheep within the unfenced boundaries of the pastures and guarding their masters' property. 

The history of the Briard in the Americas is not well documented. Some credit the Marquis de Lafayette with the introduction of the breed to this country. However, writings of Thomas Jefferson indicate that he also brought representatives of the breed to this continent at about the same time. It was not until 1922 that a litter of Briards was registered with the American Kennel Club. Barbara Danielson of Groton, Massachusetts, was the breeder.

The Barbet is a new addition to the AKC Sporting Dog lineup.  Though an old breed, credited as a foundation dog to the Poodle, Briard, Bichon and Newfoundland, among others, they only gained AKC full recognition in January, 2020.  They are still considered a rare breed in the U.S. but are gaining in popularity due to their charming goofiness and loving nature.  Currently costing anywhere from $3,500 - $4,000 (USD) and with wait lists as long as a year, the Barbet is not an inexpensive undertaking.  If you have the resources however and love the breed, there is no other equivalent to this mid-size delight.   

We show our dogs throughout the U.S. and Canada.   Living so close to the border, we have this unique opportunity to compete in both countries.  We have made many "dog" friends in both countries and feel it is a priviledge to be able to show our dogs.   

If you are interested in either breed, feel free to contact us (flyerbeo@comcast.net).  We are happy to talk "Briard" and now, "Barbet", anytime. These dogs are a part of our family, our joy and our passion.  We are delighted to share them with you. 

​If you are looking for a responsible Briard or Barbet breeder, feel free to contact us.  We are happy to offer suggestions and contact information.  
  Painting of Beowulf by Cheryl Dunn
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Above:  Briard puppies at the milk bar

                 Anam Chara Nuview Atticus Finch
     winning BBES, July 10, 2021 in W. Springfield, MA 
Am. GCh. Can Ch. Dromore Navigating by Moonlight de L'Heureux "Halley" waiting to go into the ring on the day she will finish her Am. Grand Championship.  (July 10, 2021).
And a Barbet