BISS Can/Am/UKC Ch. Tintagel's Beowulf de Beardsanbrow

Wonderful World of Briards
I should probably begin with Beo since he is where it all started for me (Mary).  Back in 2006, I fell in love at first sight with his father, Tai.  Though I knew little about the breed and absolutely nothing about showing dogs, in exchange for agreeing to show him to an American Championship, I was sold the pick male from the litter - Beowulf.  He is one of the greatest joys of my life. 

Beo began a journey I couldn't even have imagined eleven years ago.  A journey that has been both wonderful and challenging, filled with highs and lows and a great deal of learning - both personally and in the show ring.  Through it all, he remains a model briard; calm, fearless, wary of strangers but confident, loving and independent. Everyone who meets him, falls in love with him. I have been offered money for him more than once and a few people have said they would leave the house with him once my back was turned.  I understand completely how they feel. 

But it wasn't easy to get a dog like Beo.  While he is now eleven years old and quite composed, he was a typical puppy - headstrong, testing and willful.  I had him out at class at least 2x a week until he was 15 months old.  He has travelled extensively in the US and Canada and he has been shown to multiple championships.  All that work has paid off with a wonderful, bidable dog. 

Anyone who has ever owned a Briard understands the concept of a "heart" dog - that one dog that has completely captured your heart, your love and your devotion.  And while I love all my dogs, it is Beo who is my dog soulmate.

To know Beo is to know the Briard.

First in Class - 9-11 Veteran, 2015 Briard National Specialty in Gettysburg, PA
A little video of Beo
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MAY 19, 2017 - Happy Eleventh Birthday Beo!