BISS Can/Am/UKC Ch. Tintagel's Beowulf de Beardsanbrow

Wonderful World of Briards
I should probably begin with Beo since he is where it all started for me (Mary).  Back in 2006, I fell in love at first sight with his father, Tai.  Though I knew little about the breed and absolutely nothing about showing dogs, in exchange for agreeing to show him to an American Championship, I was sold the pick male from the litter - Beowulf.  He is one of the greatest joys of my life. 

Beo began a journey I couldn't even have imagined eleven years ago.  A journey that has been both wonderful and challenging, filled with highs and lows and a great deal of learning - both personally and in the show ring.  Through it all, he remains a model briard; calm, fearless, wary of strangers but confident, loving and independent. Everyone who meets him, falls in love with him. I have been offered money for him more than once and a few people have said they would leave the house with him once my back was turned.  I understand completely how they feel. 

Beo has travelled extensively in the US and Canada and he has been shown to multiple championships.  All that work has paid off with a wonderful, bidable dog.  Many people say they have a preference for the tawny briard but frankly, while I agree tawny's are cute, there is nothing as dignified and majestic as a black briard.  Beo is a natural eared dog, meaning we did not crop his ears early on.  His ears were left in their natural state.  Again, the ears are a bit of a preference but I prefer the natural ear over the crop. 

Anyone who has ever owned a Briard understands the concept of a "heart" dog - that one dog that has completely captured your heart, your love and your devotion.  And while I love all my dogs, it is Beo who is my dog soulmate.

To know Beo is to know the Briard.

First in Class - 9-11 Veteran, 2015 Briard National Specialty in Gettysburg, PA
A little video of Beo
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MAY 19, 2018 - Happy Twelth Birthday Beo!
Beo on his 12th Birthday