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Wonderful World of Briards - Nuview
 MBBES Ch. Anam Chara Nuview Atticus Finch "Atticus" 

Out of Ch. Nuphar's Bonus Points CM3 (Jordy) and 
Ch. Hickory Tavern Fools Rush In CM (Ren)

Owners/Breeders: Lynn Vogt-Kinsey, Leslie Vogt-Woodward of Anam Chara Barbet, Mary McEneany and Michele Detour 
Atticus at 2 days old
Atticus is one of those "meant to be" dogs.  Mary and Michele co-own Atticus' mother Ren with our dear friends - the sister act - Leslie and Lynn.   We fell in love with the breed when meeting our first Barbet, Darwin, at a show in Canada.  Year's later, we would have the opportunity to team with Leslie and Lynn in the purchase of Ren and we jumped at it.  

Because Ren is named after a bird, Leslie and Lynn insisted on a bird name of some sort for the entire litter.  In looking for a name that spoke to us - our preference runs to names that speak about loyalty and strength - we landed on Atticus Finch - satisfying all parties! 
Because the COVID-19 pandemic meant few AKC shows in 2020 and no access to Canada, we were late in getting Atticus into the show ring. Regardless, though he can be shy and reserved outside the ring, some switch goes on when he steps into the ring and he becomes a show dog!  

About the breed:  The Barbet is considered hypo-allergenic and non-shedding.  Don't let that fool you - they rank high in the need for grooming and coat care.  If not being shown, they can be scissored down to make care easier.  

They are a retrieving dog serving to both flush birds and retrieve them from the water.   Extremely loving, they make a great family dog and companion.  

Hailing from their home country of France, they are credited with being a foundation breed to many other breeds, including the Briard, Bichon, Newfoundland and Poodle.  In fact, at one point in French history, the Barbet and the Poodle were considered the same dog.  

Due to their rarity, they only achieved AKC full recognition in January, 2020, just in time for COVID-19!  Despite that, Judges seem really happy to see and be able to judge this new breed.  

Atticus is out of Jordy (see kennel name above), 2020's top winning Barbet in the U.S. and, as said above, Ren.  Sire and Dame pictures are below.  

Sire:  Jordy
Dame:  Ren (pictured with Leslie)
We cannot thank Leslie and Lynn enough for including us in this Barbet journey.  Instrumental in the acceptance of the breed by the AKC, Leslie and Lynn have worked tirelessly to show and breed wonderful examples for us, and others, to bring into the ring and help build the reputation of the Barbet.  
And a Barbet

Atticus has hit the ground running!

Now, MBBES Ch. Anam Chara Nuview Atticus Finch 

On a recent trip to Muncie, Indiana, Atticus finished his American Championship in style collecting two more BEST IN SHOW, Bred by Exhibitor for a total of three and two more majors to earn his Championship.  
To say we are proud of this little guy is quite the understatement!  
A very young 
Atticus Finch 

stinking cute!
Michele and Atticus winning his first BBES in Springfield, MA (July, 2021)