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Wonderful World of Briards - Nuview
Am GCh/Can Ch Anam Chara Nuview 
Atticus Finch  

Atticus is one of those "meant to be" dogs.   When we ventured into this newly recognized AKC Breed, we hoped that we could add to the number of quality Barbet being shown and put nice examples of the breed in the ring for the judges consideration.   Since we are co-owners on Atticus' mother, Ren, we are also co-breeders on Atticus, allowing Michele to show him as an "owner-handled" (OH) dog.  That makes Atticus, since OH is relatively new, our first time showing a dog in this category, one in which he has excelled.  

Because the COVID-19 pandemic meant few AKC shows in 2020 and no access to Canada, we were late in getting Atticus into the show ring. Regardless, though he can be shy and reserved outside the ring, some switch goes on when he steps into the ring and he becomes a show dog!  

About the breed:  The Barbet is considered hypo-allergenic and non-shedding.  Don't let that fool you - they rank high in the need for grooming and coat care.  If not being shown, they can be scissored down to make care easier.  

They are a retrieving dog serving to both flush birds and retrieve them from the water.   Extremely loving, they make a great family dog and companion.  

Hailing from their home country of France, they are credited with being a foundation breed to many other breeds, including the Briard, Bichon, Newfoundland and Poodle.  

Due to their rarity, they only achieved AKC full recognition in January, 2020, just in time for COVID-19!  Despite that, Judges seem really happy to see and be able to judge this new breed.  

And a Barbet

 Am GCh./Can Ch. Anam Chara Nuview 
Atticus Finch 

Atticus continues his winning ways!  Now a multiple sporting group placer, MOHBIS, MOHRBIS, MBBES, #1 OH Barbet in 2022 and currently #1 OH Barbet and #2 Barbet (all breed) in 2023.  

We recently showed to a judge that appreciated Atticus very much and said to Mitzy "I am learning so much about this breed".  Another judge standing nearby, hearing this,  responded to Mitzy with: "well, he is a good one to learn from".  

We are so grateful to the judges who take the time to know and understand this newer breed.  

 To say we are proud of this little guy is quite the understatement.
Michele and Atticus winning his first BBES in Springfield, MA (July, 2021)
Atticus awarded Best of Breed at the 2021 Barbet National Show by Judge Michael Faulkner, a well-respected Sporting dog judge.  
Select Dog at the Canadian National Specialty in September 2022 under Judge Lee Anne Bateman
Atticus finished the 2022 National Owner Handler Series as the #1 Barbet in the country!