Wonderful World of Briards
This page is dedicated to our amazing little show dog, Xena, who we had to put down the day after Christmas in 2015.  She was our dream show dog and our great heartbreak all in one. 
Xena was our "xenie beanie teenie weenie", the little girl who stole our hearts.  Xena was purchased from a renowned kennel, Deja Vu, in 2009.  We were pleased and shocked, when, in Xena's first show, she took "Best of Breed" over older and more mature Briards.  She followed that in her second show with a "Best Puppy in Show".

Xena very quickly demonstrated her presence in the ring amasing 3 Best Puppy in Shows, 7 Puppy Group 1's and multiple group placements among the adults.  She has two UKC all breed Best in Shows to her credit as well.

In 2012, much to our chagrin, Xena was diagnosed with congenital kidney displasia.  For her long-term health and the health of our breeding lines, we made the decision not to breed her and to have her spayed. A few months after her spaying, we showed her as an "altered" dog for the first time in a UKC show.   When the judge handed Michele the Best in Show Ribbon, she broke down in tears. 

Because altered dogs are generally not able to be shown in the AKC and only very occasionally in the CKC (American and Canadian Kennel Clubs), Xena's showing after her spaying was limited.  However, even with limited showing, she amassed a total of 21 UKC and 2 Canadian Altered Best in Shows.  Each win was both joyous and sad.

Xena is a member of the Briard Club of America
Hall of Fame having gathered the necessary points for this award prior to her spaying.

On Dec. 26, 2015, Xena succumbed to her kidney
disease and was put down. Losing her has been
among the most difficult of our experiences with
our dogs. She was our superstar and although we
did not get puppies from her or get a chance to
take her all the way to an AKC Best in Show,
we loved her intensely and are just devastated by
her loss.  Xenie Beanie Teenie Weenie will be in
our hearts and minds forever.  She was 6.5 years
of age.